About Us

AMARLA Retail S.A. is one of the largest boutique retailers operating in Europe and the Middle East.

We are a team of over 250 associates operating in over 100 locations, having founded 8 subsidiaries with presence in 11 different countries so far, and existence in both Travel Retail and Local Market Retail Segments. AMARLA's determination to be the biggest boutique retailer in the world is becoming a reality.

We are actively searching for talent globally and for brands that would share our values to cooperate and grow with.

Why Us?

  • AMARLA is able to introduce and operate brands around the world, uniquely customizing the retail experience to the brand's DNA to fit the needs of our customers, thanks to our strong local expertise.
  • All of this is evidenced by our successful partnership with brands such as Victoria's Secret, Bath and Body Works, Pink, Superdry.
  • The AMARLA Retail team is driven by passion, guided by values, always through a collaborative spirit.

Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to consistently succeed through reinventing the way retailers work and effectively introduce brands in diverse markets all over the world while keeping true to brand's identities and by doing so, delivering the finest customized retail experience to our customers in every location!

Strong Local Expertise

Our ability to introduce a brand and operate in any market across the globe is possible through our emphasis on retaining and utilizing extensive and constant experiential local insight and knowledge of all business components in each location we exist in or will exist in.

Custom Retail Experience

We become experts on the brands we work with and we are able to practically implement and apply our strong local expertise per market to fit to a brand's DNA resulting in the customization of a premium retail experience that fits the needs of our customers.


We are constantly pursuing possibilities to advance and develop whilst relentlessly refining our existing business. We never forget to search for new ways to tackle challenges while growing through the opportunities they create.

Collaborative Spirit

The AMARLA team is a unified network that is growing and being enriched with new knowledge and communications every day and as such, it remains our focus to stay passionate, guided by our values and connected with each other to produce results in an efficient and positive way.

Contact Details

Telephone: (+30) 2141008899
Email: info@amarla.com
Website: www.amarla.com

107 Vouliagmenis Ave &
166 74 Glyfada, Athens,

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